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Step 1: Choose the product color, size, quantity, click buy now
Step 2: Fill in your name, telephone, post code, time of receipt, choose your nationality, province, city, street, fill in your specific address, and finally click Save
Step 3: You can choose you address or you can take by yourself but you must confirm with the seller a Safe area trading location, do not go to the Dangerous zone trading
Step 4: Select payment method, payment bank, verification code , click Submit order
Step 5: Click Pay Here

Important Notice :Please be sure to fill out your receipt number (REF). If there is a mistake, you may not receive the goods you purchased And any bank information can only be provided by the muti mall, in addition to any other bank information provided by the merchant, muti mall will not make any protection and responsibility

Step 6: How to transfer accounts
FNB Transfer accounts, please clickHOW TO PAY FNB BANK.
ABSA Transfer accounts, please clickABSA Bank Transfer.
CAPITEC Transfer accounts, please clickHOW TO PAY CAPITECBANK.
NEDBANK Transfer accounts, please clickHOW TO PAY NEDBANK.