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Buyer problem help

Q: are registered buyers charged?

A: free.

Q: what if you become a buyer?

A: has the "register" button in the top right corner website, click on the "register" jump to the registration page, fill in your real email address name (in order to facilitate you retrieve password, please fill out the real email address) with the verification code, then fill in the password and confirm password.

Q: Does the buyer need a fee for the goods?

A: no.

Q: does the buyer have to pay commission for the withdrawal?

A: no.

Q: what are some of the items that my foreign friends can see, and I can't see them?

A: because some businesses only sell to foreign users, your Chinese page doesn't see the English page.

Q: if I want to buy the English page, can I?

A: yes, as long as you have a South African bank card, you can transfer it.

Q: I want to buy an English page, but I don't know how to buy it.

A: you can click to open that page in English goods, and then in the top right-hand corner of the page to choose language module "Chinese", then the page will automatically become Chinese goods, you can according to the Chinese hints bought a buffet.

Seller problem help

Q: how do you publish the group purchase activities, timed buying, unary purchase, and preferential activities?

A: the seller of goods need to make sure that you have to do activities is retail goods, rather than the wholesale goods, it is impossible to do a bulk wholesale goods, flash, one yuan to buy, as well as the preferential activities.

Q: why do I want to launch a groupon, but I can't find my product?

A: if the seller to be published in Chinese goods, could you please revise the Chinese in the language bar, and then click search, can see you want to be a bulk goods, the same goods is also in English.